A Private Members' Club and Peer-To-Peer Network

With a mission to connect Family Offices, Family Businesses and Family Foundations worldwide.

We offer a platform of discreet educational Family & Wealth Events created to engage and inspire.

What is MightyBell?

Connecting Families Worldwide

Our mission is to connect Family Offices, Family Businesses and Family Foundations worldwide. There are around 1,500+ Single Family Offices, 4,500+ Multi Family Offices, 10,000+ Family Foundations in the United Kingdom, 40,000+ Family Foundations within the US and 50,000+ Ultra High Net Worth Families worldwide and growing. And with the family business being the world's most dominant form of business organisation with 75% of all businesses in the United Kingdom and some 37% of Fortune 500 companies being family-owned while 60% of publicly-listed companies are family-controlled in the United States (Source: Family Firm Institute FFI figures).This is something of a challenge. But one we will achieve.


Further your families knowledge through discreet and private talks, roundtables, workshops and conferences. Designed for family office, family business and family foundation owners. As well as next generation family members. Created by leading academics & advisers.


Meet, discover and converse with like minded families. Through a private peer-to-peer network of peers and next gens. Through private events such as dinner parties, talks, gallery previews, weekends away and more. Hosted in historical locations, houses and offices worldwide.


Discuss geographic opportunities, social entrepreneurship, succession, governance, tax and trust, family challenges and more. Through our private community and group based circles of peers and next gens online and in the real world.


Share constructive insight, knowledge, strategy, ideas and family challenges. Working with peers and next gens to collaborate, solve problems and add value and benefit to other families.

Product Pitch Free

Our event partners and sponsors hold the same values as us. They want to create genuine relationships and work with you and your next generation for decades to come. Sharing true knowledge and insight.

Our events do not have exhibitors and people pushing and selling products through a keynote or talk is forbin. We work with firms in Law, Fiduciary, Tax and Trust, Insurance, Non-Profit, Security, Property, Automotive, Jewellery, Art and Education. As well as government organisations representing a select number of Financial Centers.

These firms and organisations support us by creating experiences and offering services throughout our events. That benefit you as the attendee.

Chatham House Rules

We use Chatham Rules in a number of our seminars, roundtables and conferences. The below describes what these rules are.

The Rule:

"When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

Source: chathamhouse.org


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