We've decided to move onto new projects.

After much consideration we are sadly closing our doors.

We can't thank our members and friends enough

for their ever loyal and continued support.

My Final Words

Thursday, 18th February, 2016

Dear Loyal members and friends,

Early in 2015 I decided after much consideration that it was the appropriate time for Club Exquisitely to close doors after three years of what was a fantastic journey. This was a decision I had taken much time in pondering over doing. And had discussed with some of my closest colleagues in the industry.  

Club Exquisitely which started life as a lifestyle management service. Evolving into a multi-generational advisory and introduction service for family offices and family businesses. Gave me great experience and many valuable lessons working with a diverse group of indviduals in the wealth management sector.

Personally I did not see the long-term growth for Club Exquisitely. And felt it was the right time for me to focus my efforts full-time working on one of my true loves in life. Developing software and building digital products.

You can now find me at Cappui. My new home and technology lab. Where I look to focus on developing pragmatic solutions to reduce fraud, offer commercial / end-user transparency and maximise the agility of operations for businesses.

The thought of re-branding Club Exquisitely and turning it into a digital solution had been considered. It was in fact actioned at one-point. Whereby it would have been turned into an autonomous chat-bot solution for lifestyle services. Which would have brought Club Exquisitely back to it's roots. 

We do however have plans for a real-time chat or bot service focused on finance and wealth management professionals. After testing a concept last year called WealthDialogue. This is something I may launch later this year. Yet is dependent on time and other projects.

At this moment however I'm focusing my time on two projects. One being an autonomous asset management and supply chain network infrastructure that is being built on top of Ethereum's turing-complete blockchain

The other project is a no fuss search engine for financial and fund data. With data easily being intergrated into end-user applications via harnessing our high-availability application program interface (api) service.  To create greater fund and financial transparency within the market. I am also available for technology strategy consulting services.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved with me from day one of Club Exquisitely launching. Being my first company. It was nothing more than an exhilarating journey with a number of rocky roads along the way. Where I learn't so very much from all my loyal peers that have advised me weekly. 

I will however be continuing to host regular dinners and cultural events for family offices and investment companies. My personal and professional relationships are key to my continued growth. Other events that I'm looking to host will be talks/fire-side chats over breakfast or dinner that focus on emerging technologies such as micro-services, distributed and decentralised systems and the internet-of-things. So do contact me if you would like to collaborate or sponsor such an event.

You may continue to stay updated with my projects and any events by signing up to Cappui’s monthly digest here. You will only receive one email a month. It is a digest full of my own ideas and pondering’s in tech to key insights into current projects. Product pitching as you know is not something I have a love for and will not intend on doing so through this digest. Or you may simply follow Cappui on our Medium.com channel here. All digests will also be aggregated on there to.

Finally feel free to reach out to me anytime via LinkedIn here. Do not be afraid to. 

Many thanks and Best wishes,


Founder & Developer  

W: http://Cappui.com


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